We Have 3 studios/editing suites, all around a central equipment room. The big Studio is 85m2, has a big screen with laser projector. This studio is multifunctional, it can be used for sounddesign, editing, and mixing. Also the room can be used for ADR recording - matching with location sound can be well achieved. The two smaller studios are for sound editing and sound design. There is a large  sound fx/ambiance library, an important part of it is personally recorded, edited and transferred to harddisk.

Editing & recording

We use Merging Pyramix for editing. There are 4 Pyramix editing sets linked by gigabit network. For mixing the big studio is equiped with a Soundtracs D4 with 164 in and 132 out. Studio 2 is equiped with a Soundtracs D3 (64 in, 32 out).  Both consoles are linked through MADI with Pyramix, bringing 112 discrete channels to real faders. Pyramix is compatible with Pro Tools, OMF, AAF, Final Cut XML, AES31 and CMX-EDL's.  All CD sound fx are now stored in the computer. Not only we have Sony TC dat's, Tascam DA88, 2 x Sony Convolution Reverb, Lexicon 300, Genelec monitoring, samplers etc., but also some special equipment like the CB video streamer to help actors help to hit the sync during postsync sessions. Picture is usual on Merging VCube or inside Pyramix and can be delivered as file, BetacamSP or DVCAM. The listening environment is controlled by a Dolby CP650, the subs & surrounds are the in cinema's common used JBL's. With the 1080P HD 6000 Ansi Lumen Projector linked to the VCUBE and the 5 meter wide screen you can have quite a cinema feel, right in the editing stage!.

In 2006 we were honoured with a golden calf for best sounddesign for “ik omhels je met duizend armen”. 
With this price not only we were honoured but also everybody that worked on the soundtrack of that movie.
Also we were nominated for best sound design in 2003 for “de tweeling”, in 2007 for "The Bird can't Fly" and in 2011 for "Loft"